AI and Programmatic Advertising

AI algorithms play an important role in programmatic ad buying but can’t always tell you everything.

AI algorithms are typically set up to optimise programmatic advertising towards clicks, and they rely on keywords and topics. However, there are occasional situations where this common approach can backfire. Algorithms can’t always tell you everything, you need a human for that.

AI can develop a clear and accurate understanding of what is and isn’t working. And over time, you can adjust your messaging and strategy to achieve the best possible ROI. If you don’t measure the metrics that are most significant to your business AI won’t be really effective.  If you tell the algorithm to optimise only towards the click rate (ctr) AI will place ads in front of the wrong users.

Smart pixels can help you determine your most valuable audiences. After you identify them, you can utilise look-alike modelling to find even more members of your strongest audience wherever they go on the internet. To truly understand what works for your business, you need to bring the data people and the marketing people together.

AI can play a central role in your programmatic advertising, but you need to put guardrails in place. Your brand’s reputation could take a hit if you serve up the wrong ad at the wrong time, and your marketing budget could go to waste.


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