Is email marketing dead? No, but considerations must be made.

If the keyword is "quality", it is still possible to obtain good results.

99% of users read their inbox at least once a day and that this data puts the email on the podium of online media.

For several years email has been exploited and abused, resulting in users receiving dozens of promotional messages every day.

It is evident that this type of “abuse”, although legal, makes this media less effective and nowadays it is more difficult to get the user to read an email message.

The value of your content

There’s plenty of fish, it is essential to focus on quality to be noticed. This also applies to email communications, so the value perceived by the recipient is a key to success.

One of the most important factors is that the sender was known by the recipient. Basically, if the sender is known and provides content of great interest to the user himself, the chances of the message being read and of generating engagement grow exponentially. Otherwise, if the subscription to the newsletter was obtained with other techniques (i.e. through third party services), we will obtain a result slightly higher than zero.

That said, we will have to try to focus on what is seen by the recipient in his email client: “sender” (who sends the email must be recognizable) and “subject” (the content must represent a value for the user).

It is not uncommon to see emojis in the subject. This is a technique for drawing attention that works quite well.

Obtaining the opening of the message we can say it represents 50% of the work and that if we get it we can focus on analyzing the result of the mail content for further optimizations.

Selection of recipients (targeting)

We said that perceived value is the key to everything, so the fact that the message that is sent is of some interest is not a trivial fact. Sending to users who have a proven interest in the topic is not a detail but an obligation nowadays.

Spam filters

Beloved and sometimes hated spam filters are what can nullify efforts in email marketing. The “big players” like google or microsoft have active filters that practically intercept all spam but often also legal emails. And now what do we do? The answer in this case is only one. Work on content quality!

The filters learn! You will not lose effectiveness if you send contents that: a) even if they are considered as spam, users put them in the White List; b) are read frequently by the recipients; c) do not receive abuse reports.

Sending an advertising / promotional content without being labeled as “promotional” by the server to date is almost impossible. Therefore, focusing on the interest of the user is the only method to ensure that the message arrives at its destination and generates the expected result.

What results can be obtained?

The average opening rate declared by mailchimp is 21.33%, it will not be valid for all but it is a very useful indicator. In promotional email campaigns we can still obtain guaranteed open-rates of 10% and more.

The variables that influence open rates and results are really many, and we certainly cannot compare today’s results with those obtained a few years ago, but even today if your keyword is “quality” it is possible to obtain good results!


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