LinkedIn Ads to boost B2B Leads

Target Company Category, Size, Location, Growth, and LinkedIn's behavioral data.

LinkedIn ads can help your business reach a professional audience. LinkedIn is at the moment the best platform for B2B targeting. LinkedIn Ads boost B2B Leads.

Sponsored Ads are essentially promoted LinkedIn posts. There are three different formats available for Sponsored ads: single image, video, and carousel. Campaigns can run as Native news feeds and Lead Generation forms. Direct Sponsored Content ads are not published in LinkedIn page feed but look like a regular post.

Text Ads LinkedIn text ads appear in the right top banner on desktop. They include a short headline, blurb, and a small square image. These ads are measured by pay-per-click or cost-per-impression.

Dynamic Ads – Dynamic Ads also appear in the right rail and look similar except for an important difference. Each ad can uniquely target its viewer with their profile photo and address them by name.

Sponsored InMail – This ad format delivers targeted messages to member inboxes. According to LinkedIn, these ads are more successful at driving conversions than emails.

Pre-filled forms

You can collect even more quality leads from your ads with pre-filled forms. Accurate LinkedIn profile data! Members can send you their professional info with just a couple of clicks. LinkedIn declares that Lead Gen Form campaigns can increase conversions by 2/3x, when compared to Sponsored Content.

Direct Integration

LinkedIn Ads boost B2B Leads. Your web agency can make sure your new leads will be saved automatically into your preferred marketing or CRM tool.


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