Can I use the Mobile Proximity to promote online sales?

Insurance and Financial companies can find their customers while they purchasing the product.

Mobile Proximity refers to proximity advertisements. You intercept your potential customers when they are near a place by sending them a personalized Ad message.

There are benefits that can be drawn from this type of marketing especially for physical activities, but you can use Mobile Proximity even if sell only online.

There are many brands that only have an online presence – or promote their ecommerce pages – using Proximity Marketing techniques. The applicable logics are easy, it is a matter of identifying the typical customer thanks to its location.

A practical example can be intercepting a user who is inside a shop that allows us to understand his interest (complementary product).

An insurance company could promote a car insurance by contacting users who visit car dealers, offering them an ad-hoc promotion for that specific brand. The effectiveness of this activity is undoubted, car owners and probably several users looking for a new car are certainly contacted.

A bank (or credit broker) who promotes loans or mortgages could identify its target in users who go to their competitors’ offices, but more effectively and with tailored messages if users go to a car/motorcycle dealer or real estate agency!

Mobile Proximity is a part of mobile advertising. The industries to which Mobile Proximity can be applied are manifold. It is all about knowing the profile of your ideal customers and contacting a consultant who can advise you on planning the most suitable activity for your business.


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