Mobile Proximity

Mobile Proximity  is, in a nutshell, an interaction with a potential customer near or within a specific geographical point or area (a street, a restaurant, a shop, a supermarket, a museum, a car dealer, etc. ).

Thanks to technology it is possible to identify the exact position of a user.

It is possible to run a Proximity Campaign with Display formats or via Push Notifications, on mobile devices that are located or have been located (in the past) near a specific geographical point, with a very high level of precision.


You can analyze user behavior and send communications based on actions. Mobile Proximity is applicable to many industries and objectives: in retail, in the cultural or financial activities, in events, etc.


Send personalized and contextualized ads / messages to users who enter or leave a geographical area.


You can interact with prospects based on their behavior,  reward them for their purchases or incentivize them to take certain actions.

You don’t have physical stores and your business is online?

You can reach your prospects with “ad hoc” messages, inside or near places of interest, and invite then to visit your online store.

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