What is Native Advertising?

A “Native Ad” is a content (text and images) published in the same editorial style as the site showing it. It is not perceived as advertising, it communicates with the user in a more natural way and generates a higher “engagement”.

Native advertising offers many advantages:

  •  Less invasive campaigns
  •  Superior engagement
  •  Avoid advertising blocking systems
  •  Generate more brand awareness
  •  Offers a higher CTR
  •  Increase your campaign ROI

Investing in native advertising completes the mix. It means taking advantage of the most effective advertising formats. Native Ads can generate qualified traffic, reach high volumes, and bring value to your campaign. Our tools and algorithms allow us to work on multiple platforms optimizing your investment based on the best results.


We offer customizable campaigns, with the aim of reaching the largest number of potential customers and increasing the perceived value of your brand (brand awareness). We offer content advice, complete campaign management, optimization and reporting.

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