Pop-up: Everyone hates it but it will never die

Pop-ups work well but most marketers don’t know how to use them effectively.

With the right strategy, pop-up ads can be an effective way to push people to sign up for your newsletter, become a lead or buy!! You simply have to figure out how to minimize frustration and give them a “value” for your users.

People don’t like pop-ups because they interrupt their reading. Everybody knows the situation, you’re in the middle of searching for something specific and then, suddenly, a pop-up ad appears, forcing you to look at it. That’s why pop-up ads work so well! The real problem with pop-up-ads is that they’ve been abused by marketers for years. Marketers have been too aggressive over the years that many people have negative reactions as soon as they see one.

Even Google penalizes advertisers for using them on landing pages. So why businesses keep using them? Because they convert!

Some companies have used them to increase signups or leads. The bounce rate decreases a 10%, and the average time on site increases by 54%, read more.

A pop-ad is like an aggressive salesperson that knocks at your door. If you really want to obtain good results from your pop-ups, just provide them a real added value. Never forget the starting point: Your site traffic will be be annoyed with the appearance of a pop-up. You have to offer enough value that people will forgive your advertising.

For businesses with a solid content marketing strategy, you may use your pop-up ads to advertise exclusive contents. You can also advertise limited-time deals with pop-ups. With this tactic. After all, no one wants to miss out on a deal.

That’s the key to all advertising. Users want to feel like they’re getting a value from the ads they see. When they’re irrelevant or useless, people get frustrated, but when they’re relevant and valuable, people get involved.


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