Proximity Marketing? How you could use it

While leaving the building, your phone alerts you of a nearby coffee shop. This is how proximity ads work.

Think of proximity adv as advertisements that follow you. For example, imagine you had a rough morning at the office and decide it’s time for a break: While leaving the building, your phone alerts you of a nearby coffee shop. This is how proximity ads work. It delivers targeted content to consumers’ mobile devices based on their location.

Mobile proximity can remind consumers when they’re close to a store, and it can also deliver a message or coupon that may cause them to stop in and make a purchase.

Retailers are now discovering the effectiveness of influencing customers when they’re close to a store. This can lead to the discovery of brands they never knew existed, and can also encourage impulse buying.

Using location to build audiences improves your targeting efforts because data derived from the physical world provides powerful insight into consumer interests and psychographic profiles.

Mind what your competitors do

It’s important that you know how your competition stacks up against you. For instance, Burger King utilized geo-conquesting tactics and delivered mobile coupons for one-cent Whoppers when consumers came in close proximity to McDonald’s restaurants.

Personalize the marketing message

According to recent research, 80% of consumers stated that they were more likely to buy from a brand that offered a personalized experience. SmarterHQ found that brand loyalty among the Millennial demographic increased an average of 28% when they received personalized content.

Location technology can be also used to glean insights that can help you improve your efforts. Building location-based audiences allows you to create more personalized messages across all channels, which leads to more effective campaigns.


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