What is programmatic?

Programmatic means promoting a Brand with Display or Video formats to a predefined user profile, optimizing expenses and performance.

Programmatic advertising allows you to send:

  •  the right message
  •  to the most interested people
  •  in the best moment
  •  on the correct device (desktop or mobile)

For example, you can show the most useful content  to a user at the best moment during the purchase process.

Thanks to innovative technologies, advanced platforms and the experience of a team of professionals, we generate the highest quality &  performance for each advertising budget.

Thanks to the mixed use of innovative technologies and advanced platforms, together with the experience of a team of professionals, we generate the highest quality and the greatest possible value from each advertising budget. Investing in programmatic advertising today means taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the market.

There are different types of Programmatic campaigns but the most used are:

message on web pages by relevant keywords;

programmatic platforms provide site categorization;

Similar Audience:
campaign targeting similar users in terms of profiles, behaviors and interests;

Affinity Audience:
based on third party data.


We offer customizable programmatic campaigns to reach new potential clients who have never visited the client’s pages (Prospecting), and target those who have already shown an interest visiting multiple sections, products or pages but have abandoned before the conversion (Remarketing).

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